Sunday, December 11, 2011

AS 46

I can't take credit for the illumination on this one.  I recieved this one from Ary as a blank and I only did the writing.  I tried to use the Gothic Littera bastarda out of the Drogin book and I think with this one I cam closer than I have managed before.  If  I were to do it again I would start the text a line or two down so that I would have more room for fancy ascenders at the top.  The paper was grainy enough that it was REALLY hard to write and get the ink to absorb into the paper in a normal fashion. 

This is the first scroll that I have ever used Ary's lovely latin scroll texts to write.  The source is Egerton 1151  f. 50   Vespers.  There was a single mistake in spelling ( i wasn't paying close enough attention) and that I fixed with the fun circular detailing that is in the exemplar.  The golden shears and yellow owls in place of rabbits and dogs come from the recipients Arms. 

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  1. Thanks for posting a pic of the first one! Now I can send it to Mærith, who did the illumination.