Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blast from the past

So, I was recently visiting the home of a friend with another friend...and we happened to go upstairs into one of the guest rooms.  Sitting in said guest room was a pile of art work, scrolls and other miscellany upon the dresser.  Vaguely I noticed one of the pieces looked familiar and so I lifted the other pieces from atop it only to stare at a piece I had LONG since forgotten about. It makes me wonder if I have any other blanks remaining in the Baile Stash.  One can only hope not.

Hence....we are going to view the place where I started from...which is terrifying looking back now.

Lets see, this was a mixture of watercolor, micron pen and gold acrylic.

 I did NOT do the Calligraphy.  Merely the Illumination.

Monday, November 11, 2013


This is  a scroll that I did AGES ago, but I never heard whether or not it had been received by the recipient until this weekend when I was taking photographs of Crystal Ball.  I asked "so who is this anyway"  and I was told that that was Derrick the Tailor I said "Oh I know that name, I did a scroll for him"  and the responce was "Why yes, you did!" 

From that I assume that it must have been given out. 

It is from the Sforza Hours, which I love.  Gouache, and drawing ink.  The hand is better in this scroll than it is in some of my more recent pieces.  I need to sit at the desk and do some practicing in my vast amounts of free time.