Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blankity blank blank.

This will be my page for the blanks that I will be sending over to ID for Ari's contest.

Number 1.  Hours of Catherine of Cleeves.  Page 18.   I was loving on the brightly colored leaves in this particular Book of Hours.     Can be found here so...  Click here

Second on the list of fun for the ID contest...An initial "B" out of the Macclesfield alphabet book.  Its really surprisingly fun to do ink only works.  I would never have thought that given my penchant for painting.   This one has darkened beautifully adn there might be an after picture to come before I pack them all up.

Let see here come blanks number 3 and 4.  

 Codex Manesse.  I'm really enjoying the quick simple borders on them.  NEXT time I do a Manesse border, I will use a thicker Perg that will take gold size well, and actually guild the little boxes.

I'm not sure the shadows are deep enough.  They weren't especially prominant on the exemplar however.