Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AS 41

More old stuff from AS 41.  I was told under no uncertain terms that were I to make blanks that was fine, but I would never get any assignments and noone would ever know who I was EVER if I did not learn the caligraphy and start doing the scrolls start to finish.  So I did, because I was tired of always getting overlooked for assingments (because I had been unwilling to do the calig)

 These two belong together, for a husband and wife team that got their baronies at the same time.  I made them as similar as I could incorperating items from the arms of both of them.  

 This scroll has a twin, there are very slight detailing differences like the placement of the tiny green dragon and the color of the jewel itself.  For some reason I only have a photograph of the one. 

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