Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AS 46 Chapter 4

This is the most legible that I have ever gotten a hand of this style.  I was really pleased with it. The most intimidating part of this scroll was freehanding in ink the details on the Initial R.  I sat and just looked at it for some time before I actually put nib to paper.  I know there are some things that could be improved on but I was concerned if I worked it over anymore that I would spoil it. Once I get to that point its done. 
Since I know the recipient fairly well I was all intimidated before it went out with the "Ohgodsihopeshelikesit..."  I was told there were tears, I did not see the tears but the collective gasp from the populace was most rewarding indeed.  This was done entirely in Iron Gall ink, with the exception of the Edelweiss which is lined in ink and painted in white guache.   I got both the Initial and the hand that I used from the Macclesfield Alphabet book, which has now become a staple of my Scroll Diet. :D 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Envelope exchange AS 46

Sort of a filler post.  These were for another exchange that I participated in this year.  It was called the envelope exchange and it was the brainchild of Master Iohannes.  Anywho, these were my contributions to the exchange of scribally work.  ( The addresses have been removed, even though they were really pretty) ...  I did on tiny scrap bits of Pergamena, miniatures that I took out of my manuscripts.  I ended up with the two extra on the bottom and those were handed over to Sven and Siobhan at Coronation to give out/play with/do whatever they please with.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AS 46 Chapter 3

The source that I used for this one is the online collection for the Hours of Catharine of Cleves.  Great book if you ever have a chance to flip through it I highly reccomend it.  I love love LOVE the beads and decorations in this book, and I will happily use it again.

 I substituted the star in that image for one of the golden circles found on
That page just to make it more persona appropriate, since it was being given to someone who's beaded and pearled jewelry work is particularly exceptional.  A Simple gothic hand, with slightly more decoration than your average gothic.  I love decoration.   Guache, Gold leaf and Iron gall ink.

These two scrolls are twins.  They were given to a set of twins at the same time which makes it particularly appropriate in my eyes.  The hand is Gothic Bastarda and this entire scroll (x2) was done in India Ink.  The source is the Plates of Ridolpho Cappoferro, specifically Plate 2 : Guarda Quarta and Guarda Prima.  Why yes, the scribe is also a fencer...who'da thunk it?