Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Whoo!  So one of my scrolls sitting in the " I've been Given but not Recieved"  folder has dissappeared.  I had info from several sources at Crown that she finally recieved it, and was stunned by it.  Yay awards.

Pretty straightforward copy for this one.  I actaully REALLY enjoyed this style.  I chose it on the motive of I have several of these that I could do for the 30 Day challenge and I haven't done this style before.  It's French, Parisian in fact and has been dated to 1480. I used brown drawing ink for the letters, to show the fading of the ink on the manuscript.

The text reads as follows: 

Hearken all unto the words and desires of the sovereign King of the Midrealm Dag and his Queen Anne Marie.  Long have we heard tale of the many good deeds that Ylva has rendered unto our Barony of Shattered Crystal.  In recognition of this service we are minded to grant upon her the right and privilege of arms.  She may choose and register with the College of Heralds those arms most personally appropriate and display them upon shield, pennon, tabard, and personal documents as she sees fit.  Written in the the record by the hands of our scribes upon this the thirteenth day of April in the year of our society fourty seven at this celebration of Carnival

Thursday, May 16, 2013

More non-scrolly fun.

So, a bunch of my scrolls have been given but the recipients haven't been there.  So they can't be posted yet.

To keep people from getting bored I shall entertain you with things not scribally but still SCA related.