Sunday, December 9, 2012

A couple of blanks for the pile

So I've been working on a few blanks in between my actual scrolls.  Sometimes the hand just needs to do something a smidgen different, so I picked these up when the folds of cloth I am painting on a miniature just weren't cooperating. 

These first two a G and an M, are from my Macclesfield book.  The penwork was much more enjoyable this time, as the flow from my new nibs are leaps and bounds better than the ones I was using.  Thanks Bridget!  

This G is plainly for ID, and it is from Codex Admontensis 646 folio 326, 3 recto  a document from the 13th century.  The gold as always doesn't scan well but it is quite shiny to look at.  It's embellished slightly more than mine is.  Also the blue is a much deeper more midnight than mine is.  I'll have to try to mix the midnight at a later date.