Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blanks for ID

There was a call out for blanks from the Signet of Insulae Draconis in Drachenwald. 
 I sent her 4 blanks.  

 A stained glass pattern from one of my medieval stained glass books.  The rest of the history is unclear.  I was researching patterns to try if I ever decided i did want to try stained glass. 

This is a late period Italian Initial set from a musical piece I was sent by a friend of mine. 
 Celtic knotwork beastie. 
Yes it really is that small.  :D  I've been experimenting with tiny. I didn't like the naked saint tied to the column so I changed it to two teeeeeny heraldic shields.  I need more practice with this, because its fun.
 Book of Hours of BĂ©nigne Serre.   Cod. 103 fol 21r  Dijon, 1524