Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AS 39 and 40

The first ventures into the world of scribing were at the end of AS 39 into AS 40.  I was living in the middle of the Middle Kingdom.  I'll be able to wrangle more pictures when I have the information from my old laptop.

Random Door with a Coat of Arms Style Helmet

Based on the Mhendi designs I saw everywhere at the time. It was when I was falling in love with the whole Indian Persona and culture and were actually the first scrolls that I ever handed in to be written.  Technically period for me but more research is needed. 

 These I had intended for children's awards in the Midrealm at the time that I made them.  They were cute and funny and dragon-y so I thought they would be perfect.  I still have these in my possession at this moment, with no intention of them ever seeing the light of day.

These are the pen and then watercolor versions of Leo the Lion that I found in a gallery of Astrological Signs. I started caring about the authenticity of what I was doing around this time and so I started halfassedly doing my research into period texts.  I still really like these exemplars so I need to find what they are ACTUALLY from and redo the set.  
Same applies for this one- Cancer the Crab

This one was fun to do because I based it upon a set of tiles that I photographed at the Tower of London, when I went there with my parents.  The colors were beautiful and I tried to make the blank as true to life as possible.  I never finished it.  I still have it on my shelf and I have been SERIOUSLY considering pulling it out and redoing it.

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