Sunday, October 21, 2012

AS 47: Crown Tournament scroll-2

This is a little scroll by my standards, halfpage size.  It s based upon the breviary of Marie de Gueldre the dutchess of Gueldre and Juliers folio number 19 where Marie is depicted as the Virgin mary surrounded by many of the happy flowers and thistles in the Utrechtian style.

In the manuscript the flowers are only blue and red, but I added the gold flowers as a way to harmoniously bring in the yellow of the panache and the yellow of the Kampfrou dress she is wearing.  While I realize this is slightly incorrect termanology for someone who makes Landsknect dresses, its the only word I could think of to describe the style. Facebook provided me with that portrait of the recipient in the dress she made herself when I went looking.   

AS 47 Crown Tourney Scroll-1

This scroll reads as follows:  Paul the First, by grace of god king of Drachenwald, bright son of Albion and likewise Aryanhwy I our queen to all unto whom these letters patent shall come, peace, love and greetings.  As we celebrate the naming of our heirs,we do joyfully invest this man Barobrand Hissgant as a Baron of the Court on account of the great fame his valor renown and prowess hath brought and of the virtures he has long shown. In accordance with his rank he may style himself a coronet which is best suited to his person so that all might see the esteem in which we hold him. This document validates by this the date 6 October of the year 47 and by the character of the royal name signed below.

Now this scroll was based on the Triumphant Return of Maximillian the First. Now there are two versions of this that I could find online one with wording and the other one blacked out.  I used the blacked out one because of its higher image quality as well as being able to zoom in on the image itself.   

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tudor Fun

So this particular scroll was for the wonderful Insulae Draconis.  I sorta like the Principality awards, mostly because they're new and different and I generally get to play about like a schoolchild when I do them.  This one was particularly fun.  I don't think i have ever painted so many shields with arms upon them.  In order:  Drachenwald, Insulae Draconis, Harpelstane, Ffraid and then space was left for the Arms of the Recipient. 

 The source was mostly from the University of Oxford, MS Top Glouc D 2 Folio 15 Recto.  It was delightful to find that when I couldn't find the source agin using google fu, that it was convieniently blazoned across the top of the images.   I used the other image for some of the background imagery.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Backlog PCS's

So I just completed a Pair of PCS's from Padraig and Elsa's reign in 1995.  It was requested when it was given to me that they be in matching styles or even entirely matching if possible. 

So I went to my trusty source the Balliol College library  Where I found MS 238 E named  Fons memorabilium uniuersi which was made for William Gray Bishop of Ely by Domenico Bandini in 1444-1448.  Folio 146 verso which has the initial letter cut out.  Figuring it could be whatever letter I wanted in that case I used the flowers in the  center for the ascender and descender on the Initial and made the initial itself a P.

They read as follows:  All things change, as winter's ice receeds from the shores of Drachenwald so then do the tides of the ocean take back those it has brought to us.It is customary when people leave the shores of the black dragons domain, that they be remembered in the hearts of their friends.  From this need was borne the Popular Company of Sojurners.

It is with heavy hearts that we Padraig and Elsa king by right of arms and beautiful queen of Drachenwald bid farewell to our friend Vega Seda/Corbett Seda.  So that he never forgets his time with us we induct him into our Sojurners.  Done by our hands this the ninth day of April Anno Societatis thirty nine at this the feast of fools.