Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AS 43

This was the last scroll I did for the Midrealm, before I moved to Drachenwald.  It never got given out because on the day of the Archery Tournament it POARED.  The archers were very dissappointed, and so was I. Done in watercolor on Vellum style coldpress paper. 

An Aoa done out of the Sforza Hours.  One of my longer term goals is to make a scroll from every single page of this book. Done in watercolor on Vellum finish Coldpress paper.
 I know there is a picture of the finished product of this somewhere, I just have to find it.

A Lindquistrings for Ulfr, based on the Initals from the Book of Kells.  Honestly I did this to begin with for practice with my knotwork (which needs some work) and because I think the Giant Initals just look amazing.  Done in Guache and India Ink on Pergamenata

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