Monday, May 28, 2012

First scroll of AS 47

This scroll started out beautifully, as the red lines and the paint went on as if I'd been born to paint this scroll.  While just slightly too brightly mixed, I really love the combonation of colors in this piece.  It went onto the Pergamenata perfectly, so naturally I had some major problems with Titivillus on the writing bits.  Majorly fubared the 2nd line and had to scrape/burnish/pray and turn it into something else.  In this case, some of the lovely muscial notation that was a feature of the piece. I had not been intending to put in any of the music, but, once the first one was in there the second and third needed to be in order to create artistic balance. The calligraphy is nice, but it's not right.  Its gothic enough to suffice, but the calig in the original is almost stubby to fit in between the lines of music, mine is not.  That bothers me to a certain extent.

The source is Codex Claustroneoburgensis 68, a 15th century hymnal of some sort.  It is Folio 346f 90v should anyone wish to look it up. 

Iron gall ink, red ink, Guache on Pergamenata. 

 Stay Tuned!