Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fardägn's Dragons Steele

The source is Codex Gottwicensis 30 fol 247f 134r , a book from the 9th century.

So I started this particular scroll with the idea in my head to work it precisely as the exemplar showed, in gold and silver.  I applied the gold leafing first, and that went on fine, but when I went to apply the silver leafing it all went to hell in a handbasket.  The silver stuck to EVERYTHING, even where I didn't have size.  When I went to gently scrape it from my writing space because the brush just would not remove it, I tore the perg.  I was almost crying with frustration. 

I restarted it the next day and decided to replace the silver with black, since period pieces tarnish fairly quickly and silver turns black.  I think it looks fairly cool.  I rather like how it ended up.

Sing praise and let it be known throughout the vastness of the realm that we Paul and Aryanwhy soverign by grace of God do send greetings to all nobles and gentles these present letters reading, hearing or seeing.

We pray and request, indeed we order and command, that you our dearest Lord Fardägn Skvaldre persevere, as you have begun, in obeying and carrying out the wishes of Drachenwald's King.

Ever since you were skilled enough to carry the arms we have given - Sable, in dexter chief a bull's head couped Or and issuant from sinister three wolf's teeth argent and we do grant you by these presents - full power and irrevocable authority,  which by your sword - we shall help you to accomplish.

It is true that the greatest joy and pleasure we can have is in the destruction of these our enemies which we have long against struggled.  And you deserve praise for the good start you have made with this in the skill of your sword and vanqishing of your own personal enemies.  So we decree and affirm that he shall henceforth be recognized as a member of our Order of the Dragon's Steel.

And that these decrees may be valid forever we have ordered this document to be confirmed by this the date 13 October in the year 47, and by the character of the Royal name, signed below.

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