Sunday, November 25, 2012

AS 47 Silver Guard

It feels like I've done a lot of Silver Guards recently.  Not that I mind of course, it's just something that stuck out to me. 

The source is Codex Campililiensis 184, folio 114 f 3 recto a 14th century initial.  It's small as far as my scrolls go, only a half an A4 size page.   I tried to be as true to the hand as I could and I managed better than normal.  I wrote with my new nibs, as provided by my Dark Mistress, and the difference in ink flow is amazing.  I've not quite worked out the sweet spot of this particular nib set but holy hell.  The only real issue I had is the yellow on the border is much too yellow, it should be creamy rather than that much more mustardy color.  I hesitated to fix it only because I was using the VERY thin perga that does not do well with any excess of water. 

Text:  (This is the first time that I have attempted a more period sounding text, with olde style spelling)

Ever since this Realme was created in the dayes of Albion, those who attain  mastery of sword and saber are rewarded by hand of the kynge and qweene. Paul the fyrste Kyng of Drachenwald, and Aryanhwy the firste his queene need honor one who's prowess has far surpassed his peers:  Egil Drakhufvud and so signed by owre hands this 23rd day of November in the year 47 we make him a member of owre Silver Guard.


  1. I'm really pleased to see you moving towards more medieval texts. It enhance the overall finished item a lot.

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