Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lindquistrings for Sisterminion!

So, recently I was feeling homesick and I asked my Mistress, who is Drachenwald Signet for an assignment from Drachenwald.  She gave me an assignment for my Apprentice Sister!    Remembering how positively she reacted not only to my more realistic painting, but also to some more macabre scrolls that I've been working on, I decided on the Mira Calligraphia Monumenta.  Hoefnagel's work is an amazing inspiration, but is also amazingly difficult to render properly. 

Inspired by these two plates I set to work.

I decided that the pieces underneath the words needed to be a skull, a rose and a pen.  Seemed fitting for a DarkSide Scribe.

Ze Back, where Ze Pen pierces the page. 

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