Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Jeweled Dragon's Heart

So sneaky scribe got to be sneaky again.  I love it.  So anyway, a couple of months ago Mistress Gianetta contacted me about doing a super secret blingtastic jeweled dragon heart scroll for Mistress Juliana.  I as with most things sneaky that I readily agree to do, readily agreed because I always like to do scrolls for the people I love.  I would paint the scroll, and then she would callig it.  Hooray.  While I can callig well enough, it is not my favorite thing to do.  I could not decide as to what exemplaar to use, so I sent them to Gianetta  and she chose

Psalterium, Psalmi from Flanders, 1500-1535. GKS 1605 4* folio 126r
I was like holycrap this thing is pink, so instead I changed the color to a nice minty green. I was using my new Chromium Oxide Green from Schminke.  It's super transparent, so lots of layers of color are needed to get an even color wash. This caused the perg to buckle a bit (no great surprise)  The pearls are a new technique I have been working with involving multiple colors laid atop white.  It works quite well, though next time I will try laying the colors atop the transparent silver and seeing what happens..  All in all I am pleased with this one, especially so with the blue jewels. 

 We ended our scribal collaboration with this piece of work.  Isn't her Calligraphy lovely?
We will have to do more of this in the future. 


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