Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yuletide scrollage

From Salvatore Fabris' Italiänische Fechtkunst  page 199 comes this next Silver Guard scroll. 

All ink.

TEXT: Fun to be had with period spellings.  Oh yes.

Ever since this Realme was created in the dayes of Albion, those who attain  mastery of sword and saber are rewarded by hand of the kynge and qweene. The thusly rewarded forme the Ordere of the Silver Guarde designated by a silver wrist-guard bearing a dragon passant coward, wings addorsed, maintaining in dexter forepaw a sword erect. Paul the fyrste Kyng of Drachenwald, and  his queene Aryanhwy the fyrste need honor one whose prowess and learning has far surpassed his peers:  Rannulf Sweartfaxe.

So signed by owre hands and sealed by owre seal, valid upon this 8th day of December in the year sociatatis 47 at this celebration of yule, we make him a member of owre Silver Guarde.

In witness whereof We have placed the character of the Royal Name

____Rex and ____Regina

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