Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coronation Pieces

I was lucky enough to be offered the choice of scrolls for this coronation, the Rose Scroll for ze queen or the County scroll for ze queen. What a choice!  Flowery bits or straight callig, and since I LOVE flowery bits I chose the Rose, for sheer fun value. 

I found this beauty in the Archive of the Koninglijke Bibliotheek in the Netherlands. 

It is entitled Mary rising from the Rosebushes from 1489 and is held in the Hague, originally painted in South Holland.


Tofa inn Gladthi, regina, verbo et consensus feminae rosae, admittunt in Ordo Rosae, quietam ab omni impendii, excellentiam suam Arianuiam filiam Cadmaelis, comitessa regnis nostris. Atque Tofa regina congregates feminis Rosis et attestantibus in unum, et omnibus quibus ab terries Frosthiemis super oras Arctoas usque ad Adamastorem in terris ultimis australibus eos conplectet imperatque conspicere admissionem eius Arianuiae ad ordonem. Testes rosae sunt Alessandra, Iohanna, Iuditha, Eleanoraque; ceteribus, Thorvaldus rex, Lena et Ricardus principes, Sueno dux, Ariella, Raphe, Maria filia Tommasi, Duarte, Orianna, Mellisenda, Tomassus, Iaella, Iohannes, Robertus, Genovefa, Uitus, et al. Hac editiciis bardibus et heraldibus, atque sago rosisque dedisse, Tofa dicit: Quicunque hanc feminam honorat, honoratus erit; qui autem hanc negat, exsecrabilis vitatusque sit. Fiat.

Queen Tofa Inn Gladthi, with the Approbation and consent of the Ladies of the Rose, welcome into the Order of the Rose, free from any charge or cost, to Her Excellency, Aryanhwy merch Catmael Countess of this Kingdom. And Queen Tofa, having assembled the Ladies of the Order of the Rose, and the witnesses together, and all those who would come from the Land of Frostheim on the shores of the Arctic, as far as Aadamastor, on the far lands of the South, bade them welcome, and witness to the entry of the said Ary to the Order. Of the Rose, the witnesses are Alessandra, Joanna Judith, ELeanora, of the others, King Thorvaldr, Princess Lena and Prince Richard, and Ariella, Raphe, Mary verch Thomas, Duarte, Orianna, Melissant, Thomas, Judith Johannes, Robert,  Vitus and all others. And the same being announced, by their bards, and the vesting with a cloak, and roses, the Queen saith, “Whoever respects this Lady, deserves respect,” and “Whoever try to take away what this lady hath rightfully earned let him be accursed”.

The wording itself is  from the Black book of Llandaff, based on a grant of land from Eliud, Cynan, Gwyddgen and Erddybwy, sons of Owen to Llandaff cathedral.

Wording provided by Antonio di Rienzo
Latinized by Arianrhod o Gymru

Because they're awesome. 


  1. Oh, thanks for posting the original! I always love to see inspirations.

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