Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dragon's Jewels

So, in having a conversation with my kid, he asked me if because he didn't get a scroll with his Dragon's Jewel if it didn't count.  Something about the whole conversation just made me sad, so I decided to make a few teeny tiny dragon's jewel scroll blanks to give to TRM at Crown.  Theses are 2 of the 3 that I made, the other one I will post when its done, maybe tomorrow. 
Lets see, Hours of Catherine of Cleves for both of them, guache and drawing ink.  Maybe one day my Y's will come out looking nice.  I really hate the letter Y.


  1. Those are beautiful!

    And tell him it's because the sign of the dragon's jewel is the jewel itself (which I believe he was given); some dragon's jewels get scrolls, but not all. It's the same with dragon's tears, and sometimes also dragon's bowles.

  2. I did tell him, and he went to go admire his jewel. Heh. I just thought it would be a great use of my scrap perg.