Saturday, September 15, 2012

Parchment, Perga and Paper

I find myself with an odd conundrum.  I sit here at my desk with a roll of vellum on the shelf above me, and pristinely cut pergamenata beside the desk in a folder.  However sometimes I am struck with the desire to work, not on any of these but on paper.  Every once in a while I do so.
So these past weeks I have taken out my coldpress paper and made two blanks and one scroll on the coldpress paper.  I didn't have to worry about my hand pressing to the paper, or my ink beading up, or my paint not taking to the surface.  I didn't have to pounce or erase anything to get my writing space properly prepared.

Vellum is delightful, but not for the everyday project.
Pergamenata looks beautiful when done, but is somewhat of a pain to work with. My general preference is to work with this, however because I Like it.
Coldpress paper looks adequate but it's easy and strugglefree (unless you make a mistake)
But the bleached white perg doesn't look that different than the paper, it feels different, but looks wise...Yeah.

I have it on the back of my brain to make my own rag paper and use that because that is perfectly period and it would be a delightful experiament.

So.  What are your thoughts on using paper? I am curious.

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  1. Interesting that you find paper so easy to work with! Two of my favorite things about perg -- the smooth surface and the lack of fibers to catch my nib -- are two of the reasons I most dislike working with paper. Once I discovered perg, I've pretty much never looked back.