Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blast from the past

So, I was recently visiting the home of a friend with another friend...and we happened to go upstairs into one of the guest rooms.  Sitting in said guest room was a pile of art work, scrolls and other miscellany upon the dresser.  Vaguely I noticed one of the pieces looked familiar and so I lifted the other pieces from atop it only to stare at a piece I had LONG since forgotten about. It makes me wonder if I have any other blanks remaining in the Baile Stash.  One can only hope not.

Hence....we are going to view the place where I started from...which is terrifying looking back now.

Lets see, this was a mixture of watercolor, micron pen and gold acrylic.

 I did NOT do the Calligraphy.  Merely the Illumination.


  1. Please don't denigrate your early work! There are those of us who cannot yet aspire to even close to this level of artistry, and even if it galls you now, you were proud of it then!

    1. I'm not denigrating it, I promise you that I am not unhappy with where I started from. I just compare it to the work I am doing now and go "Woah!"
      You're right though, I was proud of it at the time.

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