Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Purple Fret for Lorelai

So, I decided somewhat late in the game to go to Midrealm Crown Tourney as it was just across the border in Indiana and would only take me  45 minutes to drive there.  I was bored, so I sent a message to the Constellation Signet that the Midlands had a bored scribe and that she could un-bored me with a scroll assignment if she had extra.  She had extra, and unknowingly gave me Lorelai's purple fret.

Queue the girlish squeal of delight for, there is NOTHING i like better than to personalize a scroll for someone that I know and consider a friend. 

The text is as follows:  Based upon the Grant of arms to Christopher Brown, 1480

Lucien by the grace of god king of all the Midrealm, bright son of the dragon and likewise, Catarina our queen to all unto whom these letters come, peace, love and greetings.  Reason ordains men virtuous and of noble courage be rewarded for their merits by renown, and that not only their persons in this mortal life so brief and transitory but, after them those who shall issue of their bodies in posterity may be in all places of great honour perpetually shining brightly before others. But not only by common renown, also by report and witness of other nobles worthy of credence that truly advertize and certify that Lorelei Skye is a lady.  She has brought upon herself great fame with princely voice and shrewd use of word but also for a concert at our Great War aptly named "For The Dream". She has always been the voice behind the curtain, showing all her dedication to the performing arts. By virtue of the authority and power granted and attributed to the office of sovereign We devise, ordain and assign to Lorelai the rank and title of the purple fret to have and to invest for herself forever. Accompanying this rank is the right to bear the badge of the order as assigned by the royal college of heralds Or: A fret purpure. Therefore in witness of the honor she has so justly earned we the aforementioned Lucien and Catarina have signed with our hand and sealed with our seal these letters. Given on the 26th day of May in the year of grace 48.

The original was Codex Michaelburanus Folio 240 124v  a codex from the 15th ce that I found at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library.  From the same book they have a blue initial G, and it is from there that the  coloration for the B in this scroll comes, I didn't want to do the pink because my blue shading is just that much better . One day I need to work on that, but in the time I had for this scroll i decided not to practice it, for fear of messing it up.
Instead of angel victorious, Lorelai sits at her instrument, with the angelic muse merely hovering above her.


  1. Lovely job! I don't see graduales used nearly enough in award pieces. <3 You're right about your blue shading. Very nice choice.

  2. OMG - this is one of the most awesome and most personalized scrolls I have ever seen. And I love personalized scrolls. You really knocked it out of the park. I wish you could have seen how stunned and amazed Lorelei was to receive this. And yes, she has photos of it all over her Facebook page now. WELL DONE!!

    BTW - what did you use for the music notes? Is it the original Codex Michaelburanus, or were you incredibly sneaky and used one of Lorelei's own tunes?


    1. Lucia: Thanks! I wish I could have seen it, I hear it was great though. I'd love to hear your version of the story. It is the original Codex Michaelburanus, and I made the joke to John and Cerian when it was initally announced to court that they should make sure and have her play her scroll. :D I am quite sure that she can do so.

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