Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whitevine blank

Italian Whitevine
Unless the recipient is someone very special and I love them very much I don't think I will repeat this style.  I MIGHT give it one more shot, but it was most irritating.  I know people that do this style well and I am not sure that I am one of them. 


  1. WOW! It may have been a pain to do but you did a GREAT job! Do more, please!

  2. I'm hoping it will grow on me, as aesthetically I love the style. I think I may give it another shot, on a day where I have my stash of patience back.

  3. In you Whitevine blank blog post, you have a book open, could you share the title? I am looking for some reference material for my scroll-making. thanks, Fionna (Kimberlee) Kingdom of the West, Principality of Oertha, Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, AK). I just love your work (so detailed, LOVE IT), would love to learn from you - tips, tricks and anything.... thanks

    1. I will see if I can ferret out which book it is when I get back home. I think it is either Tashens Most Beautiful Bibles or Beeldschone Boeken (which is a dutch title which means Beautiful Books, but is still acquirable on Amazon. Thanks!

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