Saturday, February 16, 2013

30 Day Challenge?

So I have been thinking of doing a thirty day challenge. 

I sort of started. I don't know If I will get through the whole 30 days given how busy I am, but...Wheeha. 

DAYS 1-2

DAYS 3-4

DAYS 5-9


  1. So what exactly is a 30-day challenge... 30 scrolls? Or just painting each day for 30 days? Either way, lovely stuff and good luck!

    (I met you at Twelfth Night... will we see you again at Coronation?)

    1. It could be either one, but I'm not good enough to do a scroll a day. :D

      I would love to be at Coronation and if I don't have to work I will be there.

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