Wednesday, August 15, 2012

AS 47 Chapter 2

This is a Lindquistringes for Richard Rampant.  I wanted to do something unique for him to hang, and I decided I would fall back on the patterns that made me fall in love with this sort of work.  The simple elegant geometrics of persian and Indian manuscrips.  I love them. 

This is based on the Safavid Manuscripts Khamsa of Nizami attributed to Mirza'Ali, from 16th century Iran. Specifically plate 26 fol 77 Verso, Barbad playing music to Khusraw,  Originally comissioned in the late 1100's and copied/added to in ~1540. 

There is a tiny scorpion hidden in the flowering grass between the signature boxes, an indication of his heraldry.  

The text was translated by my friend Silvein Morgan into Arabic, which I did my best to reproduce exactly.   
"We, Paul and Arianwe, King and Queen of the Kingdom of Drachenwald
and sole sovereigns of all the lands east of the sea, give all who
hear these presents greetings.  You know all which we have heard of
the faithful services which the subject of these good tidings, our
most beloved servant Richard, has undertaken before us and before our
Kingdom, and which he may do in future for us and our lawful heirs.
We have taken in our hearts to reward our beloved servant and in
accordance with these words we take and appoint the aforementioned to
the "Orden des Lindquistringes" to be a companion thereof and to enjoy
the same rights, distinguishments, duties, and responsibilities which
the other companions of our order enjoy and bear, to do so without
claim or impeachment by any person forevermore.  This we have done
before those gathered here to witness on 21 June in the year 47 of the

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