Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AS 46 Chapter 3

The source that I used for this one is the online collection for the Hours of Catharine of Cleves.  Great book if you ever have a chance to flip through it I highly reccomend it.  I love love LOVE the beads and decorations in this book, and I will happily use it again.

 I substituted the star in that image for one of the golden circles found on
That page just to make it more persona appropriate, since it was being given to someone who's beaded and pearled jewelry work is particularly exceptional.  A Simple gothic hand, with slightly more decoration than your average gothic.  I love decoration.   Guache, Gold leaf and Iron gall ink.

These two scrolls are twins.  They were given to a set of twins at the same time which makes it particularly appropriate in my eyes.  The hand is Gothic Bastarda and this entire scroll (x2) was done in India Ink.  The source is the Plates of Ridolpho Cappoferro, specifically Plate 2 : Guarda Quarta and Guarda Prima.  Why yes, the scribe is also a fencer...who'da thunk it?


  1. Have you gotten confirmation that the last two were handed out? They aren't in the OP yet, which makes me wonder.

  2. No,I never get confirmation my scrolls go out...But they arrived where they needed to go and were dated october 15th, so I usually assume that 3 months is a safe period to wait to post them.