Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fearghus Buchannon's MOD

Source and Inspiration:  

The Scroll:  I didn't get photos of the mapping stage, where I sketched everything.  Forgot.  Sorry everyone!

And Detail:

The scroll reads: 
Pronuntiatio Regno Mediterraneum Nobili, Antiquo, Victori, Valorosissimoque

Boni Nobilesque omnes oblationibus his scite qoud nos, Eadmundus, Rex jure armarum Regni Mediterranei, et Catherina, Regina nostra, in respectu comitatis, artis, honorisque ejus, et in campo et extra campum, decrevimus nostrum fidelem Fergusium Buchananum agnoscere  Magistrum Defensionis Societatis, in omnibus locos honoris Par Regni nostri et comes Ordinis Defensionis numerabitur, cum omnibus juribus, privilegijs, insignibus, dignitatibus, curasque quibus cui appertinent. Nobis manibus fiat, in hoc die Martia vicesima quinta, Anno Societatis LI, in Torneamento Defensionis nobis.

A backlog knighting scroll for Semjaka

 Quite some time ago, I was approached by one of Count Semjaka's squires- to create a long overdue backlog scroll for the 20th anniversary of the man's knighting.

It was a hefty project- goatskin parchment, 22k gold leaf, period pigments...the works.  Now I didn't use all period pigments, because I don't have all the appropriate colors- but I found my gouache worked quite nicely in the spots where period wouldn't cut it.

Inspiration:  Codex Gelnhausen

 So I started with the layout, and I couldn't help but sketch the initial S.  I practiced my text a few times to make sure it would fit in the space.  I didn't have to edit much to make it fit. 

Then sketching the floral bits in, so that my layout made sense. 
Guilding, Guilding and More guilding...
I taped it down to an extra shelf that came with one of our Ikea cabinets, to keep the parchment from buckling once I started laying paint.  This is the basecoat- OMG this is ugly as sin stage of the scroll.  I always am like 'why am I doing this crap' when a scroll is in this stage.

 The Final Product:

 And detail shots:

 Hidden (or not) within:  Portrait of Tangwystl d'Courci, 1 Rose, 2 Hounds, 4 squire belts, many golden chains, and a lotus flower. 

The scroll reads:  Sing praise and let it be known throughout the vastness of the realm that we Reynard King of the Middle Kingdom, and Brynhildr our queen  are well aware of the courtesy, chivalry, and skill both on and off the field of battle, of our friend Vaclav Semjaka.  Henceforth he shall  be in all places known as a member of the order of Chivalry.  By this oath:  "I here swear fealty and do homage to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom: To ever be a good knight and true, Reverent and generous,Shield of the weak, Obedient to my liege-lord,Foremost in battle,Courteous at all times,Champion of the right and the good."  By this troth do we sign this 19th day of November AS 23.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Azriel le Fey's Master Of Defense

It's always a tremendous honor to be asked to do a peerage scroll for someone.  I remarked a few months back that I had not yet done a Master of Defense scroll, and I thought that might be fun.  The karmic universe being what it was, not a week later did Azriel ask if I might be convinced to do hers.

I needed no real convincing, because scrolls are my zen.  My art, my service and my pleasure to provide.  I drew heavily from the Leitura Nova de Dom Manuel I.  It's a brightly colored manuscript from 1504-1552 Spain.  It was super whimsical, and perfect for the kind of scroll I was going to build for Azriel, with fantastic creatures, flowers and jewels.

Scroll to come, as soon as I figure out how to get the pictures to upload.  Blast.