Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blanks of Mine, Callig'd by Others

So, one of my favorite things is to make blanks.  I'm improving my calligraphy, but it still makes me a little twitchy.  I realize that I have come a long way from where I started- and am getting to the point where I can understand why calligraphers get all zen and zoned.  In this post I would like to showcase some of the Calligraphers who have finished my blanks. They allow me to experience the joy of painting just for the sake of painting.  <3

These are just from the Midrealm, Drachenwald's calligraphers will get their own post when I track down the emails and facebook messages with the pictures in them. 

Baron Wilhelm Michalik -Illiton

 No words are necissary for this one.  Look how TINY it is.  He's a miracle worker to fit that many words into so small a space.  

THL Eleanora Saunfayle-Ayreton

If you go 3 posts down, you will see a full blog entry on the one done by Mistress Gianetta- Ayreton. 

Heather's Order of Leo.

I've not done a blog post in a while.  A very long while indeed.  My apologies.  Life got very busy with the start of nursing school, and all the work that it entails.  After 16 months, I have my BSN, and I take my NCLEX on Thursday.
This was a baronial scroll:  the Order of the Leo.  It is given for excellence in the arts for the Barony of Ayreton.
It reads:  Let it be known by all that we Henry Baron and Baroness Nadezda of Ayreton do recognize the wealth of talent that Heather Hall hat shared with the Barony.  We do upon this XXVIIIth day of March AS XLIX make her a Comanion of the Order of Leo, for her long and outstanding service to the scribal arts.

The Scroll itself is another from the Kleinodienbuch der Herzogin Anna von Bayern or for everyone else the Jewel Book of the Duchess Anna of Bavaria. The manuscript is an inventory of the jewelry owned by the duke and his wife, Duchess Anna, a member of the Habsburg dynasty and a daughter of Emperor Ferdinand I. It was commissioned in 1552 and is simply a spectacular manuscript. One of my long term scribal goals is to reproduce every page of it.  I LOVE this manuscript.

What's SUPER sneaky is we got called up in the Baronial Court together.  I did her Leo Scroll.  She did my Leo Scroll-which I adore. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Italian AoA

So in the spirit of trying new techniques, I was attempting a new style of illumination. 
It's a later period Italian style, from Naples from a book by Albinus, Johannes entitled Excerpta ex Blondi decadibus - BSB Clm 11324, 1494.

 When I got the scroll assignment for Brygithe (again)  I knew that I had to use this experiemental piece for her, since she got the last experimental piece that I did.  See THIS

Anyway.  The gold on red/red on gold went down onto the paper fairly easily.  The same cannot be said for the blue stippling. I think I need to consult an expert before I try it again, because I just couldn't get it to lay like it does on the book page.  


A Jeweled Dragon's Heart

So sneaky scribe got to be sneaky again.  I love it.  So anyway, a couple of months ago Mistress Gianetta contacted me about doing a super secret blingtastic jeweled dragon heart scroll for Mistress Juliana.  I as with most things sneaky that I readily agree to do, readily agreed because I always like to do scrolls for the people I love.  I would paint the scroll, and then she would callig it.  Hooray.  While I can callig well enough, it is not my favorite thing to do.  I could not decide as to what exemplaar to use, so I sent them to Gianetta  and she chose

Psalterium, Psalmi from Flanders, 1500-1535. GKS 1605 4* folio 126r
I was like holycrap this thing is pink, so instead I changed the color to a nice minty green. I was using my new Chromium Oxide Green from Schminke.  It's super transparent, so lots of layers of color are needed to get an even color wash. This caused the perg to buckle a bit (no great surprise)  The pearls are a new technique I have been working with involving multiple colors laid atop white.  It works quite well, though next time I will try laying the colors atop the transparent silver and seeing what happens..  All in all I am pleased with this one, especially so with the blue jewels. 

 We ended our scribal collaboration with this piece of work.  Isn't her Calligraphy lovely?
We will have to do more of this in the future. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lindquistrings for Sisterminion!

So, recently I was feeling homesick and I asked my Mistress, who is Drachenwald Signet for an assignment from Drachenwald.  She gave me an assignment for my Apprentice Sister!    Remembering how positively she reacted not only to my more realistic painting, but also to some more macabre scrolls that I've been working on, I decided on the Mira Calligraphia Monumenta.  Hoefnagel's work is an amazing inspiration, but is also amazingly difficult to render properly. 

Inspired by these two plates I set to work.

I decided that the pieces underneath the words needed to be a skull, a rose and a pen.  Seemed fitting for a DarkSide Scribe.

Ze Back, where Ze Pen pierces the page. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blanks for ID

There was a call out for blanks from the Signet of Insulae Draconis in Drachenwald. 
 I sent her 4 blanks.  

 A stained glass pattern from one of my medieval stained glass books.  The rest of the history is unclear.  I was researching patterns to try if I ever decided i did want to try stained glass. 

This is a late period Italian Initial set from a musical piece I was sent by a friend of mine. 
 Celtic knotwork beastie. 
Yes it really is that small.  :D  I've been experimenting with tiny. I didn't like the naked saint tied to the column so I changed it to two teeeeeny heraldic shields.  I need more practice with this, because its fun.
 Book of Hours of BĂ©nigne Serre.   Cod. 103 fol 21r  Dijon, 1524

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Marie la Fauconniere Pelican

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the wonderful world of peerage scrolls. 

So...Marie got put on vigil the day that Maire got made a Pelican, so we all understand the slight confusion that these two wonderful ladies might have inspired on that day.  I might not fit in my hats if too many more awesome people ask me to do their peerage scrolls.  Anywho-  The scroll.  She said to 'have fun with it'  and fun was definitely had.  I've always wanted to paint something from this book of hours, but I hadn't had enough lead time to do so for someone with a French Persona. Heh. Heh. Heh.

The Source:    Grandes Heures d'Anne de Bretagne was commissioned likely between 1503-1508.  It is held in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France as Ms lat. 9474.  The two angels with the nesting chalice seemed like the most appropriate full page illumination for Marie, given her persona's personal history.  I am sure that both angels were present at her elevation, and just as joyously happy as everyone present. 

The Scottish thistle, those that know her know why I chose this image.






The Thistle!

 Butterfly.  Not sure why its turned the wrong way. 

 Initial "I"

Chalice with the Palace, the bears, and the baby pelicans.  

I didn't keep track very well of how long this took me.  It was roughly 3 weeks of every evening work.  I would get distracted and flutter off and then come back to it.  The lettering I pulled the letter shapes from the various pages of text i had, choosing the letter I liked best for each one. 

Materials:  Pergamenata, Gouache, Drawing Ink and my trusty Desk lamp. 

Wording by Master Cerian Cantwr

In the SCA we do many different things.  Some of us fight glorious battles, others craft wondrous works of art, and finally some organize and administrate.  Those in the last set are not the deeds of which the bards do sing.  Which is a pity.  For without someone to set things up, make schedules,and take on paperwork; all the other cool things we do in the Society, don't happen.  Though these tasks are vital, they are also all to often thankless.

But not today. Marie la Fauconniere is a lady who makes things happen.  She has managed more events and held more offices than one can shake a reasonably sized stick at.  If you need a demo done, an event planned,or cats herded - talk to Marie. She can, with a seeming wave of her hand, cause these things to take place -and she makes it all look easy.  This is indeed a rare and precious gift, and one to be treasured. With that in mind do We, Cameron and Amalie, King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom, make Marie a Pelican this day.  Done this 13th day of September while sitting on our thrones in our Shire of Ravenslake.